About Secured Investment Corp

Secured Investment Corp is a private money company that provides real estate investors the necessary capital to finance their projects by bringing together private lenders and borrowers. This is accomplished through several of our divisions and wholly owned subsidiaries. These include Cogo Capital - The Private Money Company, Lake City Servicing and The Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing.

Cogo Capital – The Private Money Company

It works with borrowers to originate, process, and close loans. With a nationwide network of private money brokers, Cogo Capital offers private loan options within most states across the United States.

Lake City Servicing

Lake City Servicing is the servicing company of loans originated by Cogo Capital and is located in our Coeur d'Alene, Idaho corporate office. Lake City Servicing is available to service all third-party loans.

The Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing

The Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing is the education arm of our family of companies where a variety of products and services are available to help real estate investors be successful. Through this system, individuals can engage with experienced consultants, participate in several online lead generation systems, for example – Private Money Exchange – and attend in-person trainings. Our goal is to attract and train qualified real estate investors who will borrow through Cogo Capital. As investors grow their financial capacity they then can work with Secured Investment Corp as Private Mortgage Lenders. We call this growth in individuals' financial capacity and competency the "Circle of Wealth".